Special Thanks

An event and exhibition such as this is not possible without countless hours of organising and fundraising, by an amazing team of individuals! We want to acknowledge them here and thank them for their commitment and dedication.

A heartfelt thank you goes out firstly to our Grad Show student coordinators Shania Dunn and Zoe McMahon. Your tireless support, ongoing organisation and attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. We are truly grateful. We would also like to acknowledge Grace Stovin-Bradford, our brilliant and always cheerful wing-man for her assistance and support.

A massive thank you for our major fundraising event –  The Art Auction; coordinator Zoe McMahon and auction team Shania Dunn, Katie McBay, Rebecca McGlynn, Nicholas McLachlan, Dylan Jones, Mitchell Parsons, Sarah St John, Grace Stovin-Bradford, Tiffany Bailey and Tiarra Timmins pulled together a wonderful show and great afternoon. Thank you for organising, curating and raising a huge share or our event funds. We also thank the students and lecturers who generously donated work for the event and thank you Teo Treloar, Visual Arts lecturer for your fabulous auctioneering skills.

Tiarra Timmins has looked after our finances, where would we be without our money matron during all of this fundraising? Speaking of fundraising, we did lots! A HUGE thank you goes out to our students for raising the money to put on our show. Visual Arts fundraising team; for their amazing efforts in BBQs, cake stalls and chocolate box fundraising, thank you; Joecia Ucles, Aidan Mckay and Tiarra Timmins for your support. Graphic Design team; Rachael Hardy, April Boughton, Joshna Hanna, Patrick Haelser and Madelene McGuinness for organising their fundraising lemonade stand and cake stall. Media Arts; Steph Garner and Chelsea Lowry for organising the BBQ at Innovation Campus…you guys did good!

Another big thank you to Courtney Lomax for organising sponsorship and to our secretary Siobhan Black for your advice and support during meetings. And thank you to Samantha Murray and Sarah St John for looking after our marketing and social media logistics.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Nicholas McLachlan, Marcus Heaton, April Boughton and Jasmine Ryan for taking the photographic portraits for our website, we look pretty awesome and will be in a catalogue forever online!

It is amazing to see a show come together and then so exciting when it has a visual voice. Go design team for giving our show an incredible visual expression. Thankyou Carlolyn Nguyen for finding the name for our show and your concept for SCOPE. Thankyou design team April Broughton, Rachael Hardy, Madelene McGuinness, Karli Maloney for your work on didactics, signage, wayfinding, programs and maps and thanks to Joshna Hannah, Marcus Heaton, Toby Bishop, Onna Tanner and Rachael Hardy for on the ground production, installation and painting. Special thanks to Anthony Lee for your attention to detail with preparing so many walls for the show, incredible painting!

A huge thank you to our technical officers; Glenn Alexander, Didier Balez, Robyn Douglass, Simon Maberley and Tom Williams; many of our works would be incomplete if it weren’t for your incredible expertise- our deepest gratitude.

Tara Palajda and Alice Knaggs, our admin force to be reckoned with, we thank you. Helping us with the technicalities of hosting such a large event has been a big challenge. Your support and assistance throughout the year will always be remembered, you are a formidable and joyful team!

This show would not have been possible without the dedication and incredible commitment and hard work of our three Academic team leaders, and amazing collaborators Dr Agnieszka Golda (Visual Arts), Jo Stirling (Graphic Design) and Dr Jo Law (Media Arts). It has been a great pleasure (and push!) to work with such a wonderful leadership team. Thank you so very much for our show.

Over our studies and time at UOW there are many to thank: Our lecturers who have inspired and shaped our thinking and making: Dr Su Ballard, Vincent Bicego, Boni Cairncross, Colin Coakes, Dr Jon Cockburn, Gregor Cullen, Dr Grant Ellmers, Dr Agnieszka Golda, Dr Penny Harris, Janys Hayes, Dr Kendal Heyes, Dr Gregory Hodge, Dr Richard Hook, Dr Lucas Ihlein, Garry Jones, Dr Madeleine Kelly, AP Derek Kreckler, Dr Joshua Lobb, Dr Jo Law, Angelina Marcon-Jones, Dr Christopher Moore, Dr Jacky Redgate, Mike Sarain, Jo Stirling, Teo Treloar, Etienne Deleflie, Glenn Alexander, Mat Wall-Smith, Travis Wall and Kim Williams. We acknowledge our Head of School, Professor Sarah Miller, whose fierce advocacy for the arts holds us steadily on course.

We would like to extend our gratitude and give thanks to our families and friends for their love, support and most of all patience through this journey. We are truly appreciative.

Finally, we thank each and every student participating in this show. We thank you for contributing your time, your work, yours hearts and your vision.

The show would not be possible without you.

Our SCOPE of thanks is large,

2017 Graduate Exhibition SCOPE,
Organising Team.