Sarah St John

My sculptural textile works explore the themes of body, memory, and emotion. My work focuses on materiality – the meanings and value embedded in materials to understand sense of self, and the world around me. My art works develop through the process of slow making such as felting, stitching reclaimed fabrics and beading . As a result, I often arrive at diverse irregular forms, which I then combine into larger sculptural or installation works. At the core of my works are evocations  of optimism and a search for humanity through contemporary art.

Miracle No. 2, 2017, Felt rope, reclaimed fabric, polyurethane, wire, 60cm x 90cm

Miracle No. 1, 2016, Wool felt, beads, lights, 100cm x 45cm

Misplace, 2016, Wax, clay, wire, plaster, found sea debris, 100cm x 52cm