Nakaila Folau Lakalaka

Capitan Cook and his Lost Fragments 2017, uses the narratives of Captain
James Cook’s Third Voyage in 1777. The work evolved organically by
burning images directly on to the surface of a wooden table and
wardrobe. This process initiated my research into Cook’s Landing in
Australia and Tonga and how that relates to the History and culture of
those places. I incorporate some of my (Tongan) cultural motifs and my
Australian Indigenous heritage by using patterns from Tapa and
indigenous flora into the work.

“Captain Cook and his lost fragments”, 2017, wooden table (detail), white pen, wood burning tool, 94 cm x 211cm x 73 cm

“Story in fragments”, 2017, wooden cupboard (detail), whiteboard markers engraving pen. 90 cm x 165 cm x 60 cm

“Culture and identity”, 2017, surfboard (detail), engraving tool, fine point pen, 186 cm