Kate Bennett

Kate Bennett is an illustrator and creative writer with a passion for animation. She uses a vibrant aesthetic and humour to create emotionally driven narratives that are based on both personal and social observations. In 2014, she created a series of cartoons focused on mental wellbeing and political satire that were featured at the Framed Exhibition at TAFE Illawarra and the Illawarra Mercury comic exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery.

Kate is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Digital Media program where she acquired skills of film editing, graphic design, storyboard creation and 3D visualisation.

Doughnut Cafe, 2016, Animation Frame (3D Modelling), 2000 x 1089

3D Amusement Park, 2016, Animation Frame (3D Modelling), 2000 x 1125

Magic Princess, 2016, Animation Frame (Digital Drawing), 2000 x 2000