Jasmine Ryan

Jasmine Lee Ryan is a new media artist, who indulges in videography, animation and interactive installation. Growing up as a left hander she has always been pushed to challenge conventions. She does so by finding opportunities to expand her mind, pursue her interests in human interaction and explore the minds of others. Many of her works grew from a simple desire to grow an idea. Her most recent work, The Island (2017), was a collaborative installation that explored human presence and sustainability. By using a programmable lights, sensors and sound circuits, the work was able to exist without an audience and perform in relationship to its environments.

The Island 2017, interactive installation, lights, Arduino, lampshades, pots.

This is my Proof 2016, interactive installation, found objects, jars, Arduino, light sensors.

The Little Sail Boat 2016, animation, 0:44.

Sunnyside 2017, short documentary/music video, 5:02.