Briar Watt-Meek

My art practice focuses primarily on sculptural forms within the textile art discipline. With strong personal narratives, and an inclination towards abjection, my pieces often explore confronting/taboo subject matter to draw the viewer’s attention towards what is hidden and overlooked in everyday living.  For my final textile major project, I have created a large-scale wall hanging that is littered with detailed, small-scale embroidered images and texts. Through the tactility of the labour intensive method of embroidery, and the use of personal symbols, typography, line, space, and colour, the work exposes a psychic terrain to the viewer.

Scrutiny, 2017, canvas, cotton thread 128 x 146 cm

Flowchart- Month #82, 2017, used underwear, thread, beads, dimensions variable

Life Matter, 2016, calico, thread, dimensions variable